DocsCloud is a web-based tool that helps you to create web forms, generate the filled documents from templates, and manage and get all the documents digitally signed, host all the documents, and extract the test from the images and documents.

This tool helps you to automate the various aspects of your routine documentation activities. This tool allows you to create and embed web forms, generate filled documents by mapping them with the norms, or integrate them with API and plugins, by performing end-to-end creation and management of digital signatures.This tool also acts as a form builder + document hosting + document generation + OCR form documents + digital signature platform.


  • It has a feature of a rich text editor to create stunning documents.
  • You can easily upload your existing pdf documents from your local system.
  • Organize all your documents in folders.
  • Easily copy or move documents across all the folders
  • You can create your own templates or pick any of the predesigned ones.
  • You can choose the size and place of the input data and e signatures anywhere.
  • Send Multiple Signatories once.
  • Set auto-reminders for the signees or trigger them manually.
  • Capture signee’s remarks when signing the documents.

Form Builder

Form Builder provides an easy and quick interface to create flexible forms.

  • Create stunning forms by dragging and dropping them. Create forms with one section or multiple sections.
  • Use conditional rules to apply different rules to your form depending on the entered data.
  • Restrict duplicate submission for a unique value.
  • Protect forms with passwords and bot protection.
  • Form submissions can be received anywhere using a webhook and notifications can be configured.
  • Collect as many submissions as you want. There are no restrictions.
  • Users can be redirected based on the data in their forms.

Docs Template
Using DocTemplate, master the art of document generation. The program helps you create business documents easily and avoid writing tedious contracts, forms, and templates.

  • A rich text editor lets you create stunning documents quickly and easily.
  • Upload your existing PDF documents from your computer.
  • Choose one of our pre-designed templates or design your own.
  • DocsCloud can generate documents from incoming data & images.
  • Generate filled documents in bulk by uploading CSVs. Documents are organized in folders, and they can be copied/moved easily.
  • Connect your business application to DocsCloud API to create documents.
  • It has integrations with automation ecosystems like Zapier, Pabbly, Integrately & more.
  • Add additional configuration to trigger emails and webhooks.

Hosting your documents has never been easier. You can publish everything from product documentation to knowledge bases, help books, FAQs, and policies.
A rich text editor lets you create stunning documents quickly and easily.
Upload your existing PDF documents from your computer.
Choose one of our pre-designed templates or design your own.
Documents and folders can be password-protected to restrict access.
You can restrict download access to individual documents.
It is possible to verify the email address of the user before providing them access to the document.
Your folders and documents can be shared anywhere with a dedicated URL. Share them wherever you like.
DocsCloud uses a secure network and encrypts your files to protect your account.


  • A simple API for sharing documents. Identify the preferred output format and the destination Webhook.
  • DocsCloud also allows you to upload documents and download the extracted data.
  • The data can be collected in JSON, DOCX, CSV, HTML or as a consolidated ZIP file.
  • Configurable Webhook – When sending the API request, share the destination webhook where extracted data should be delivered.
  • Missed collecting the extracted data on the endpoint? No worries. With a single click, you can reprocess the data.
  • Share a unique reference number with your request. Responses will be delivered using the same reference.

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