Dinvy is a Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution that makes it easier for your staff to track and bill their time. With Slack and Microsoft Teams integration, bots make time tracking and project management easier without requiring additional logins.

Simply create a daily plan for your team, include them in projects, and allow them to track their time using the tools they already have. Additionally, you can receive interactive bot messages that prompt team members to submit their time so they can do so immediately.

Dinvy Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • This implies that you’ll be able to maintain consistent and accurate time input in a way that seamlessly integrates with your workflow.
  • The status of your projects and budgets can be easily understood thanks to the ability to create customised notifications based on any data source.
  • Control how bots send notifications, deactivate them when necessary, and create new bots based on suggestions from the staff.
  • Even better, you’ll be able to establish customised alerts for problems like teams billing excessively or insufficiently or projects exceeding their budgets, saving you time from having to find reports.
  • Additionally, you’ll go beyond your data sources using derived fields and custom calculations!
  • Using this tool straightforward, guided procedure, create projects with customised criteria for team members, billing, and budgets
  • Assign team members to projects with one or more roles, and restrict their ability to enter time to those responsibilities.
  • By allocating hours to particular teams, persons, or positions, you’ll be able to create custom billing schedules and establish budget KPIs
  • It enables you to add up to 100 of your own unique custom fields for projects, invoices, and accounts.
  • With features that build on each other’s data, you can maintain the accuracy and timeliness of your bills.
  • You can manage all of your revenue, determine gains and losses, and create invoices with the push of a mouse
  • Date, milestone, and deposit reports enable you quickly create and submit time-based bills
  • You can even receive project expenditure alerts, which serve as a gentle reminder to charge incurred expenses or provide prepayments.
  • Tracing the passage of time
  • Projects, estimates, and invoicing
  • Project billing (fixed bid, milestone, T&M
  • Project billing (role and flat fee
  • Project cost
  • Project team
  • Slack and Microsoft Teams users can create their own custom bot notifications
  • Financial and time reporting
  • Integrations for Xero, TaxJar, Salesforce, and Stripe

Dinvy Appsumo Price

Dinvy Price

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