CTempllar is a web-based encryption email tool that gives you the ability to send and receive private messages completely. The benefit of this system is privacy for both your inbox and for those who have communicated with you. With this tool, no one can access your mail account outside of the server, so there is less chance of data interception.

It has powerful zero-knowledge password protection, it secures your passwords, so sensitive personal information does not fall into unauthorized hands. With a zero data access feature, you can protect against frequent phishing attacks that use login credentials to access online personal information via bogus sites. This means this tool will never send any delivered right to where they need to be with complete anonymity. It lets you delete all messages from yourself and forward them on request.

CTemplar Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • You can protect yourself from unwanted data access.
  • It protects you from harmful JavaScript injections
  • The data can be deleted immediately when it’s no longer required
  • Protected against attacks
  • It prevents the server from serving malicious scripts even from CTemplar
  • Notifies you of any phishing attempts
  • Allows you to load your website directly from CTemplar’s open-source repository code
  • Payments for XMR can be completed by contacting customer support
  • It is fully encrypted, and only you or the recipient can receive real emails.
  • It can be accessed on mobile and desktop.
  • Sending limit: 2,000/day
  • Attachments limit: 50MB
  • Storage: 5GB
  • Aliases: 10
  • Custom domains: 1
  • Add unlimited folders
  • Encryption in transit
  • Encryption at rest
  • Encrypted attachments
  • Encrypted subject
  • Encrypted body
  • Virus protection
  • 2FA security
  • Anti-phishing phrase
  • Brute-force proof
  • Zero-knowledge privacy
  • Anonymized IP
  • Self-destructing emails
  • Dead-man timer
  • Delayed delivery
  • Catch-all domains
  • Remote encrypted link

CTemplar Price

Ctemplar Price

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