CrowdPower lets you send automated email marketing campaigns based on behavior, including announcements of new features, usage alerts, feedback requests, and more.

Through automated email marketing campaigns with behavior-based segmentation, this tool allows your business to put the autopilot on growth by sending onboarding emails, feature announcements, usage alerts, review requests, and more. It makes it easy for you to send targeted messages that increase engagement and ensure your customers are happy right away!

CrowdPower Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • It is easy to create automation sequences. The drag & drop interface makes it easy to segment your audience.
  • You can send the right message at the right time is possible with segmentation.
  • You can easily create user segments based on live data from your website, product, and marketing tools.
  • It’s even possible to set up automation for your team members, such as sending a Slack message when a customer signs up.
  • Send personalized messages at the right time based on who I am, where I am, and what I do (or don’t do).
  • Based on the actions your customers or team members take on your website, you can build and send emails that match your brand to customers and team members
  • You can watch real-time activity through your dashboard
  • Understand how customers engage with your service by looking at their journey through your website
  • This tool is highly integrated with Twilio, Slack, Discord, Stripe, Zapier & Segment. It can be combined with a wide variety of devices via the Segment and Zapier integrations.
  • Customer Engagement & Marketing Automation Platform
  • Track up to 2500 active users (seen or messaged in the past 3 months)
  • Send up to 5000 monthly emails
  • Send unlimited emails when adding your own SMTP server
  • Unlimited Slack alerts
  • Unlimited automatic campaigns & sequences
  • Unlimited one-off campaigns
  • Advanced customer analytics
  • Customer segments
  • Custom event tracking
  • Page view tracking
  • Use your own sending domain
  • Drag and drop email builder
  • Email and chat support
  • Segment, Stripe, Slack, Discord, Twilio & Zapier integrations

What’s Next For CrowdPower?

On the CrowdPower roadmap, the team plans to include the following features:

In-App Notifications
You can create automation that will send various formats (modals, banners, etc.) to users on your website.

Push Notifications

Automated browser push notifications can be sent using an action in your automation.

Broadcast Scheduling
Scheduling of broadcasts is possible.

CSV Import/Export Improvements
It can import and export custom attributes for all your customers via CSV.

WhatsApp Integration
Use automation to send messages via WhatsApp.

CrowdPower Dealify Price

CrowdPower Dealify Price

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