Crowdfundly, an all-in-one digital fundraising solution that allows you to raise funds or donate to any cause. You can create attractive fundraising pages, work with your team, and connect with donors around the world. Raise funds for charitable contributions, rewards, ventures, projects, etc. You should allow anyone to fundraise on your platform. Take online contributions using Stripe or PayPal and receive the funds direct into your account, so there are no waiting times.

CrowdFundly Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Decide your platform commission and enable tips to cover your logistics
  • Crowdfundly is the most meaningful way for your contributors to contribute without even loading the multi-step pages.
  • Guest contributions or anonymous contributions are welcome. For business campaigns, Crowdfundly allows them to choose their rewards or perks and will back them accordingly.
  • Enabling your organization commissions, tips per contribution, escrow, and refunds is quick and easy.
  • Advanced search & filter options for any campaigns, fundraisers, or others to get noticed about each event and manage it beautifully in advance.
  • Smart notifications & insights analytics in one place, allowing to check detailed fundraising events, donations, or others in one view.
  • Raise Fund For Anything.
  • Allow Anyone To Raise Fund.
  • Create & Verify Unlimited Campaigns.
  • Enable/Disable Organization Tips.
  • Set System Commission.
  • Manage Team Accounts & Roles.
  • Custom Domain.
  • Integration With WordPress.
  • Branded Organization Page.
  • Link With Social Channels.
  • Smart Notifications.
  • Integration With Stripe & PayPal.
  • Report Against Campaign.
  • Settings For Different Policies.
  • Analize Campaign With Insightful Data.
  • Manage Refund Requests.
  • GDPR Complaint.
  • Anonymous & Guest Contributions.
  • Receive Offline Contribution.
  • Easy Social Media Sharing.
  • Accept & Verify Endorsement.
  • Manage Review Per User.
  • Smart Reminder.
  • Publish Campaign Updates.
  • Real-time Chatting For Contributors.
  • Option To Contact With Fundraisers.
  • Native Wallet & Payouts For Fundraisers.
  • Custom Thank You Message.
  • Manage Contribution Presets.
  • Realtime Progress-bar.
  • Manage Tips Preset.
  • Customizable Brochure.
  • Exclusive Launch Offer LIFETIME Deal.

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