Crewdle is an end-to-end encrypted peer-to-peer video conferencing system. Your streams are really encrypted from end-to-end between every participant in a virtual conference, which doesn’t rely on servers. At all times, and between all participants in a virtual meeting, your streams are really encrypted.

This tool reduces the need for servers by linking individuals directly to each other, allowing streams to traverse the shortest distance feasible while using the least amount of energy. You can create your own meeting room. You’ll get a short URL with your personal ID when you create a personal ID room.

Crewdle Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Share the URL so that people can quickly contact you. In one click, meet your contacts in your customized room or join a contact’s room!
  • Create new ad hoc meetings quickly and easily from your dashboard. Ad hoc meetings can be used to establish one-of-a-kind meeting spaces with a dynamic link that’s simple to copy and share.
  • Other people can join the meeting by utilizing dynamic links that launch the meeting room in a browser or an app.
  • Record your meetings and effortlessly share them with attendees afterward.
  • Connect with your contacts and call them with a single click, or check who’s online at any moment.
  • Share your computer screen with your audience.
  • This tool makes it simple to show other participants a tab from your browser, a program, or your full screen.
  • Use live streaming to broadcast from anywhere and engage with your audience in real-time, no matter where they are. Manage your event like a pro and create the perfect experience. It’s as easy as hosting a virtual meeting.
  • Watch Party allows you to watch a live or recorded version of your favorite show, movie, event, or concert with other people. You’ll all be able to watch and listen to the same broadcast at the same time, and you’ll be able to engage with each other.
  • While on the phone, you can easily speak with other participants. Peer-to-peer technologies are used in text chat. Everything is encrypted from beginning to end, making it entirely safe, private, and secure.
  • Create a group to bring together the collaborators of your colleagues. After that, you may manage users in your business account and assign them roles.
  • You can also select the source from which your camera or microphone should be recorded.
  • Assign control of the videoconference to another person.
  • To plan and execute meetings, use the integration for Google Calendar, Outlook, or Slack. More are on the way.
  • You can now personalize your backdrop to your liking.
  • When participants enter your conference room, you can choose the level of protection and controls you desire.

What are the Advantages of Using Crewdle?

  • It denotes a high level of security.
  • It is the most environmentally friendly alternative for all your video calls and video conferences.
  • It respects your privacy and keeps your discussions and data secret.
  • It is simple to use, user-friendly, and entertaining.

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