Corefactors is a CRM platform that uses strong automation and insights to improve lead conversion and revenue growth. With our RevOps-enabled CRM, you can easily auto-capture leads from any source and manage them all from a single platform.

Do not worry about leads falling through the cracks! You can integrate any lead generation platform to capture leads with no leaks. Once you have those leads, you can keep the data structured in the Lead Box without having to invest in several technologies.

Corefactors Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Send emails, SMS messages, WhatsApp texts, or even direct calls to potential consumers with a single click.
  • It automates smart emails at every stage of the customer journey, allowing you to increase conversion rates without adding to your workload.
  • When you schedule auto emails ahead of time, you can easily keep track of several discussions while giving each client the attention they need
  • You’ll have access to configurable templates, allowing you to send unique emails to each client with a few clicks
  • Even better, you can monitor your campaign’s performance using sophisticated dashboards and send nudges as needed!
  • It keeps things real with detailed, up-to-date information on your team, allowing you to cultivate transparency and build a better work environment
  • Use the Sales Dashboard to track team or individual success using indicators such as conversion rates, revenue creation, and assignment completion
  • Access the Support Dashboard to learn how to improve efficiency using data on the success rate of resolved issues
  • Furthermore, the Productivity Dashboard allows you to monitor the number of hours spent as well as the results obtained to implement data-driven, time-saving enhancements.
  • Unlike other CRMs, it allows you to use Telephony analytics to identify which lead calls are most important.
  • Check the number of answered or unanswered customer calls, the duration of the calls, and whether agents contacted fresh leads within your time range.
  • Automated lead scoring allows you to prioritize high-potential leads, highlighting the clients who are most likely to convert.
  • It automates lead collecting, targeted messaging, and real-time analytics to keep your team aligned and engaged.
corefactors appsumo price
corefactors appsumo price
corefactors regular pricing
corefactors regular pricing

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