Cooby makes customer communication easier by arranging WhatsApp messages into tabs that let customers reduce clutter, prioritize conversations, and ensure no message is missed. You can now use WhatsApp for work purposes by utilizing features that would enable users never to forget a follow-up, forget important information, and share conversations easily with stakeholders.

WhatsApp inboxes are cluttered with messages from customers, colleagues, suppliers, as well as friends and family. It is crucial to keep everything in order on WhatsApp when your business grows. The fastest and best way to manage customers – CRM busywork slows down your work. Having to input data into another system takes up more time.

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Cooby Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • You can build your communication workflow in 30 seconds.
  • Get instant access to unread, awaiting a reply, and needs reply chat threads
  • Keeping your data secure and confidential is the highest priority at Cooby. According to US law, Cooby does not store any conversational data by default
  • You can also write notes for reference.
  • It reduces clutter
  • You can prioritize chat
  • You will never miss follow-up chats with Reminders
  • Capacity to take notes wherever the conversation occurs
  • You can share conversations with anyone at any time.

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