What is Convertbox? ConvertBox is an amazing software that helps you show on-site intelligent messages to targeted visitors. To put it in simple words, ConvertBox is software that boosts your website’s sales from the already prevailing traffic. It adds a personalized touch to convert the visitors into leads, sales, and repeat customers. It’s very efficient when it comes to delivering targeted calls to action, depending upon where your visitors come from, and what action they have taken on your website.

Personalized Messaging:

ConvertBox is a smart software that interacts with the visitors on your site in a way as to make them feel special. For instance, if there’s a visitor on your website from Facebook, you can use it to show a personalized greeting, “Hey Facebook friend.” It not only is an attention-grabbing ploy but a remarkable strategy that keeps your visitor hooked!

Here consider another example, if a visitor is already a subscriber, then instead of showing them the same lead magnet, you could show them a discount coupon or another report.
Apart from, having a target audience you can also adjust the timing of your ConvertBox’s appearance and its duration.

Segment leads:

You can distinguish visitors according to their visits on your website, in categories of:
• New visitors
• Returning visitors
• Visitors from referral sites
• New leads
• Existing Customers
• Cart abandonment

This segmentation allows you to treat the visitor with the protocol that befits their visit. You can create multi-choice funnels that help you discern the visitor’s interests and respond to them accordingly. You can provide visitors with extremely personalized offers according to their interests and goals.
Instead of showing the same message to the recurrent visitors, you can offer them a unique message, such as a coupon or VIP offers.

This feature alone has increased sales dramatically.
This screenshot shows you exactly how you can customize the audience of your ConvertBox. It’s all there in plain sight.

Deadline Countdown timers:

ConvertBox allows you to add a ticking clock that not only creates an air of urgency for the visitor but makes your offers unique. You can create these countdown timers in just a few clicks. These timers have been observed to boost one’s sales by a considerable margin.

Integrates with all your favorite marketing tools:

ConvertBox allows you to integrate wit all primary marketing tools, and you can also integrate using Html code in case the direct integration is not available. Show any content on the forms such as promotional videos on YouTube, connects with Messenger bots, schedules meetings hand appointments, etc. and display them on the proper time, directly in the ConvertBox.
You can also embed videos in your call to action and engage the visitors the moment they see your offer and seal the deal.

Tracking and analyzing your websites:

ConvertBox allows you to keep a close eye on everything that’s happening on your sites. You can monitor all these activities through a single dashboard with detailed analytics. You can see the views, leads, and different interactions taking place on each of your websites separately.
Convertbox stats

Split testing your message:

ConvertBox allows you to split test your message with high efficiency. You can create a variation of your message from the visual editor and learn from the real-time data what converts are the best.
High converting templates for various stages of sales:
ConvertBox provides its users with some impressive options regarding on-site messages. These include a slide-in notification, a callout, a modal, or a full-page message. These all can be created and launched within seconds and look great on your site!

Responsive and Compatible with all devices:

Most of the visitors use their mobile phones to access the site, which is why ConvertBox adapts to its mobile users. Its display has been specifically designed to boost conversions, regardless of the device. You can also see and edit the Convertbox live before publishing.

Convertbox mobile live view

A simple yet captivating display:

ConvertBox doesn’t over-do its dashboard with unnecessary displayed objects or texts. It keeps its interface to the point and very classy. You can switch sites from a single panel and also manage everything from it, with basic drag and drop actions.

It also shows you the views on your website, the leads, interaction rate, and even the conversion rate.
The display is so easy to understand and operate that even an amateur can master it. It doesn’t puzzle its users by showing unnecessary items on the screen.

Multiple Integrations:

ConvertBox integrates impeccably with all the major auto responders, page builders, cart platforms, and they are continually adding new integrations to their platform based on their users’ demands. It can also integrate with a custom html form easily.
Some of the integrations are:
• Thrive cart
• Drip
• Mailchimp
• Zapier
• ConvertFox
• ConvertKit
• Shopify
• Get response
• Instapage
• Unbounce
• Ontraport
• ActiveCampaign
ConvertBox Integrations

Simple two-minute installation:

ConvertBox can be installed on any type of website in less than two minutes. You can either install their free WordPress plugin or install it by pasting one line of code to your existing website and your good to go.

  • ConvertBox Add websites easily

    ConvertBox Add websites easily

  • Convertbox triggers

    Convertbox triggers

  • Convertbox targeting options

    Convertbox targeting options

  • Convertbox live editor

    Convertbox live editor

  • Convertbox campaigns

    Convertbox campaigns

  • Convertbox customization

    Convertbox customization

ConvertBox Lifetime deal!

ConvertBox is offering a fantastic one-time discount to its early buyers, which is a great deal if you consider its long-term perks. They had set the price initially at 89$/month, which cashed about to 1068$ annually. However, they broke out a deal that allows the user to purchase ConvertBox at 295$, and there are no additional fees! No monthly fee, no nothing! This slash over the price is a bargain that you will never be able to forget. This is a limited time offer, so I suggest you guys grab it.

The following list gives you an idea as to what they offer:
• Unlimited ConvertBox’s
• No ConvertBox branding
• A/B Split testing
• Use on 10 websites
• 250,000 views/month
• Free platform updates
• Powerful visitor targeting

30-day money-back guarantee:

Not only is ConvertBox, smart software, but they also care about their users, which is why they have a 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee. You can try out the software during that period, and if you don’t like it, you can get a refund! No questions asked.


Any other similar software will cost a thousand dollars yearly. Convertbox is an excellent software at a fantastic price.
However, they are increasing the prices soon, and if you wait, you will miss the deal.

Update: Starting 30th of November at Midnight (UTC), the lifetime deal price will increase and it will convert to monthly pricing by the end of the year.


  • Jay

    Can you personalize the convertbox? If a facebook user comes to my site and I already have data on them, can I create a convertbox that will allow me to address them by their name?

    • DealMango

      Its possible to identify the source as Facebook and show a relevant popup and its possible to pass on user data and address them by name, however, I don’t its possible to combine both. The folks at ConvertBox will be able to give you a much accurate answer. Get in touch with them on support@convertbox.com

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