Content Camel lets you find and track relevant content assets with ease. It helps you organize your content assets in a way that’s easy to search. You can search for content by funnel stage, content type, tags, products, industries, or regions with the advanced filter. Your team will be able to find that custom proposal, updated sales deck, or case study quickly, even if they do not know the filename.

Sharing your content is easy. You can create shareable short links for content assets automatically. Customizing the domain and path with your domain before sharing links in campaigns or one-to-one conversations is possible. You can track which assets are performing, what everyone is sharing-and what they aren’t.

Content Camel Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • You’ll receive notifications by email and browser when prospects or customers view your assets so that you can take the right action at the right time.
  • Organize your content into a site page that includes a personalized introduction and all your trackable assets in one place
  • You can deliver the right content to your leads, customers, and partners using your customized, branded resource page
  • Your content can be organized, shared, and tracked quickly
  • To access your content wherever you are on the web, use Chrome and Microsoft Edge extensions
  • An alternative tool to Highspot
  • Unlimited assets
  • Content management
  • Build content collections and personalized pages for custom campaigns, partner channels, and more
  • Usage and engagement analytics
  • Keep track of requests and wish lists.
  • Keep your team informed about new content every week.
  • Create custom URLs and buyer experiences to brand your business
  • You can run reports that show which content is aging out and track the aging out.

Content Camel Appsumo Price

Content Camel Price

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