provides an online platform that converts the data you have collected into a narrative within five minutes. It’s a simple but robust platform that makes use of your personal data to provide the most captivating insights that are generated by this tool.

You can accomplish this by through the most user-friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) application offered. Just one click and you will get the most relevant data that is generated automatically.

Columns Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Make your own data-driven story quickly using the right tools: annotation highlights, animation and the contrast…
  • Share business information in the same workspace of your team via Slack, teams or even browsers.
  • Effective Storytelling: It can transform your raw data into an enticing and visual kind of visualization with just two clicks.
  • Thanks to the tools offered with the application, you are able to utilize forms as well as colors, annotations, and animations to create an engaging story that is easy to comprehend for your employees and your customers.
  • It is a fact that in a brief time you will receive more positive feedback from your customers and employees and help grow your business.
  • Integrate it with communication Channels The platform is extremely compatible with most widely used communication platforms such as Slack.
  • This gives you an added benefit of sharing this details with your clients and employees right away and also getting valuable feedback and suggestions.
  • Thus, helping you make faster decisions based on relevant information.
  • Extend Data from SQL Data from SQL utilize the data within your SQL warehouse and then extrapolate it, and the SQL IDE that comes with this tool can help you create your data model using this particular set of data.
  • This feature allows for big data handling while requiring low latency.
  • Supports all types of data The platform offers APIs for connecting to various types of data, whether in the form in CSV documents or in data warehouses such as snowflakes, BigQuery etc.
  • This feature will ensure that none of your data sit idle.
  • So, what are energetic entrepreneurs in the world for?
  • Enjoy creating many of the most stunning and captivating stories from your data. You’ll be able to impress your clients.
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