Code Snippets AI is an extension for Visual Studio Code that allows your team to generate, refactor, debug, optimize, and store code. Installing the extension is all that is required to add an AI programming assistant to Visual Studio Code.


With this extension, you’ll be able to choose between ChatGPT, GPT-4, Google PaLM 2, and Claude, four prominent AI models. You can refactor any code in mere seconds by highlighting it and allowing the AI assistant to propose new optimizations.

Code Snippets AI Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You will have access to an AI messaging window within the editor, allowing you to communicate with your AI assistant at any time.
  • This AI assistant will analyze any section of code to determine its function and whether or not it contains defects.
  • It will generate code for specific duties, allowing you to avoid mundane tasks throughout the week
  • Save reusable code fragments in a library that you and your team can access via the website of the platform
  • You will have the ability to add annotations to code snippets, which is incredibly useful for creating internal documentation.
  • In addition, all of your excerpts are stored securely and are inaccessible to anyone, including the Code Excerpts AI team.
  • This AI assistant can explain any code snippet, so you don’t have to assume when reviewing your team’s code.
  • Simply selecting saved excerpts from the AI chat window will allow you to incorporate them into your code.
  • In addition, you can add custom code to your snippet library with a single click, sparing your developers countless hours of work.
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Code Snippets Appsumo Price
Code Snippets regular pricing
Code Snippets regular pricing

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