CloudSponge is a contact picker that allows users to access their address books directly from your website to personalize referral emails. Users can easily create referrals by integrating their address books with your website—no need to type names manually, upload, or copy/paste. Use the Contact Picker button in conjunction with your existing recommendation form. Users can choose their provider and log in to select the contacts they wish to share after clicking.

Deep links can be added to your site so that customers can go straight to the login page for a specific address book, such as Google, Yahoo, Office 365, or You may also alter the Contact Picker’s appearance to match your company’s logo. You can search for specific people to refer to, and you can even search by domain to invite all contacts from a particular company.

CloudSponge Contact Picker Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • To ensure that prospects know who referred them, it uses recipient information to customize the “From,” “To,” and “Subject” fields on all outgoing emails.
  • These referrals will raise open rates and conversions since receivers will know the recommendation originated from a credible source.
  • On the analytics dashboard, which provides metrics by day, week, and month, you can track every stage of your sharing procedure.
  • Use a conversion funnel to track how many people used the Contact Picker, connected their address books, and uploaded contacts
  • You’ll also be able to look at visual graphs of targeted campaign analytics to see where your process needs to be improved in order to increase referrals.
  • It supports dozens of languages, allowing you to reach out to people all over the world to help you grow your referral network
  • Because it’s filled with software connections like Zapier, WooCommerce, Gather, WordPress, and Bubble, the tool can handle every use case
  • You can even utilize the Contact Picker to communicate with potential donors on crowdfunding pages or to enable invitations to events or social networking sites
  • It also makes it easier to share everything with your connections, from wish lists and registries to newsletters and coupons
  • With an address book integration that allows users to personalize referral emails, you may grow your mailing list and conversions
  • Improsys Contact Importer and Chrome Contact Picker API are two alternatives
  • Track statistics at each stage of your sharing process and utilize the information to improve performance
  • Marketing teams, growth hackers, eCommerce developers, and business owners that wish to boost word-of-mouth marketing would benefit the most from this tool.
  • API for RESTful Contacts
  • Providers of address books
  • Contact picker that works across all platforms
  • Fonts and a custom stylesheet
  • Languages and labels created specifically for you
  • Authenticate with your own OAuth credentials.
  • Monitoring of uptime is automatic 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Opportunities for co-marketing
  • Each site license has its own settings.
  • Site-specific data and graphs
  • Integration with Zapier

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