ClickFreeze safeguards your ad campaigns from fraudulent clicks and bots, allowing you to increase performance and optimize ad spend. This tool allows you to set up tracking URLs for Google Ad campaigns and get live screenshots of fraudulent clicks.

It’s simple to spot malicious actors and bots. In addition, if you connect your Google Ads account, all of your activity will be reported to Google. This software can also detect fraud across your whole ad campaign, saving you hundreds of dollars in ad spend.

ClickFreeze Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Once fraud is detected, ClickFreeze instantly adds the offending IP address to a block list using Google API.
  • You can use the same protection settings for all of your campaigns or safeguard individual ad campaigns
  • You’ll also be able to block dangerous people, blacklisted users, bogus VPNs, proxies, and IP addresses
  • It allows you to install a tracking pixel to your website and evaluate traffic quality
  • You’ll also be able to use a custom domain or ID to receive information on phony website visitors from numerous advertising campaigns
  • This means you can identify known attackers, suspicious conduct, competition clicks, and click farms before they deplete your advertising budget
  • While Google can filter out some fraudulent traffic, it cannot detect all of it, which means you are spending money on a daily basis
  • So, if you wish to request a reimbursement from Google for bad ad traffic, let the tool prepare a traffic report that lists bad IP addresses
  • Additionally, you can double-check elements that contribute to invalid traffic, such as slow-loading pages or poor mobile optimization
  • It allows you to monitor fraudulent behavior, identify bogus users, and request reimbursements for bad traffic in order to optimise Google ad spend.
clickfreeze appsumo price
clickfreeze appsumo price
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clickfreeze regular pricing

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