is a chatbot generator that enables you to create AI chatbots that can comprehend your business and interact with users. Without writing a single line of code, this tool allows you to construct a chatbot with ChatGPT-level intelligence to interact with leads and customers in mere minutes.

You will be able to customize the appearance of your automaton by giving it a name, a profile image, and brand colors to boot. In addition, you can include suggested messages to provide users with quick access to the most frequently asked inquiries regarding your business or product. Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • It enables you to teach your chatbot about your business by uploading documents, PDFs, CSV files, and website content.
  • You can also search for relevant blogs, articles, support documents, and YouTube videos to equip your chatbot with the knowledge it needs to succeed
  • This means that you will have a customized chatbot that can respond to consumer inquiries, sell products, and onboard and train new employees
  • You can incorporate the chatbot on your website by copying and pasting a brief script into the HTML code of your site
  • And, as if by magic, your chatbot will appear on your website, ready to interact with your leads, consumers, and staff
  • It enables the embedding of chatbots on any website, creating a ChatGPT-like interface that is extremely familiar to users
  • For the icing on the cake, you will be able to capture valuable lead information such as email addresses to increase your lead generation overnight
  • It supports multiple languages, including English, French, Arabic, and Spanish, allowing you to communicate with individuals from all over the world
  • Since your multilingual chatbot can translate your English documentation, responding to customers in their native tongue will be a breeze
  • By uploading documents, spreadsheets, and video, you can train AI chatbots to be conversant with your business
  • Integrate your chatbot with any website or webpage by inserting a snippet of code into the HTML of the site.
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chatflux appsumo price
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chatflux regular pricing


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