Chatbase is an artificial intelligence chatbot builder that enables you to construct, train, and integrate intelligent chatbots that are powered by ChatGPT directly on your website. When you sign up for this tool , you will receive everything you require to effortlessly construct a chatbot powered by ChatGPT that is tailored to reflect the persona of your brand.

You will have the ability to make changes to the base prompt in order to tailor the feel of your chatbot to certain projects or campaigns.
This indicates that your bot can react in an informal and amusing manner, or it can limit its comments to a predetermined number of words.

Chatbase Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • The ability to train your chatbot offline by uploading materials such as Word documents, PDFs, and other text files is one of the many benefits offered.
  • You can train your chatbot with plain text by copying and pasting information from non-downloadable sources like emails and text messages. You can also use this method to train your chatbot.
  • In addition, when replying to a variety of support concerns, your chatbot will have the ability to scan your website in search of solutions.
  • The appearance of your chatbot can be modified in just a few simple steps. You have the option of using a light or dark theme, uploading a profile photo, and modifying the text boxes.
  • Altering the chatbot’s opening greeting is also an option, depending on whether you want it to introduce itself, give assistance, or suggest other potential solutions.
  • Users will be able to get solutions to their questions without overwhelming your support crew if you add “suggested messages” in the form of commonly asked inquiries.
  • The best part is that you can incorporate the chatbot into your website in the form of a widget or an iframe by merely entering the HTML code into the appropriate location
  • After you have entered a list of permitted domains, it will be simple for you to stop other websites from using your chatbot on their own
  • In addition, the API will make it possible for you to interface with the bot from any application, which will simplify your workflow.
Chatbase Appsumo Price
Chatbase Appsumo Price
Chatbase Regular Pricing
Chatbase Regular Pricing


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