Cenit IO is an open-source integration platform that allows you to link your tech stack in order to create automation and streamline operations. This tool makes automating business operations simple by providing all of the tools you’ll need to tailor your workflows. Stay competitive in the current API economy by gaining API access to your complete tech stack.

You can set up data importing, parsing, and exporting instructions so that your data is automatically transferred between systems. Implement integration features in your own SaaS product, giving you the flexibility to work in the cloud or on-premise at any moment. A modern program, such as a single-page application, can, for example, leverage this platform as a backend to generate a curated user experience.

Cenit IO Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • It  also has a multi-tenant feature, allowing you to serve several customers from the same database while keeping everyone’s data private.
  • Best of all, there are no third-party subscription fees for your consumers to use the connections.
  • Data from APIs can be retrieved in a variety of file formats, including JSON, XML, EDI, and PDF.
  • It’s then simple to export the data in a variety of formats for further processing, including PDF files when automating procedures.
  • It supports industrial data standards such as EDIFACT, X12, and UBL, as well as HTTP(S), FTP, and SFTP protocol connectors, allowing you to create a variety of integrations.
  • It keeps a detailed record of all operations, including the deletion of any files or records.
  • You can see all data requests and updates, as well as their target locations, on the Traces page.
  • You may also set up notification alerts for when a task is completed or when user input is required, ensuring that your entire team is on the same page.
  • Create unique integrations with API access to your whole tech stack.
  • MuleSoft and Zapier are alternatives.
  • Incorporate integration features into your own SaaS solution, whether it’s hosted in the cloud or locally.
  • Agencies, SMBs, and SaaS product teams wishing to automate custom workflows should use this tool.
  • There are no limits on how many systems can be connected.
  • Workflows with no limits
  • Access to all apps and APIs is unrestricted.
  • Custom integrations are not limited.

Cenit Appsumo Price

Cenit IO Price

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