You can grow faster and achieve your goals with growth metrics and keep your business humming. This tool takes care of your financial forecasting, growth, cash flow, and runway calculations automatically. You can see your finances and growth metrics like never before. This software will provide you with accurate and detailed forecasting, so you also have time and capacity to work on your company’s expansion towards success.  It is automated cashflow forecasting that tracks your SaaS subscription payments. loans, staff expenses, and equity. Understand your cash runway, and you can watch your business take off. You can plan ahead and finance your growth targets. Easily connect all your data sources to Calqulate and get all the metrics and KPIs that matter to subscription businesses, LTV to CACo ration, MRR, and more.

Calqulate Deal Features Overview: 

  • You can rapidly develop product features.
  • Responsive product team with a service-first mindset.
  • See at a glance your companies current and future financial health.
  • The best tool Business executives looking for an easy and automated way to evaluate key financial and growth metrics.
  • This deal is not stackable.
  • Enables anyone to become a pro CFO without the need for a financial background.
  • Growth Metrics for SaaS – MRR, LTV to CAC ratio, retention & more.
  • Automated SaaS Cashflow Forecasting to help your business take off.
  • Automated tracking of subscription payments, staff expenses, loans, and equity.
  • Forecast recurring expenses, revenues, and cash flow.
  • Impress your investors with simple financials.
  • Full Stripe integration – supercharge your Stripe analytics.
  • Full Recurly integration – boost your Recurly data.
  • Get a 360-degree view of all of your KPIs and accelerate your company growth.
  • Fresh Integrations for Accounting Software, Subscription Management Software CRM, Marketing Platforms, App Stores.

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