Call Control is the text blocker, best call blocker, text blocker, and reverse phone lookup app available. It comes up with features like blocking calls from private & Do Not Disturb mode, text SMS filter, unknown callers, personal blacklist, Community Blacklist, blocked call log and more!  It not only stops the disruption of unwanted calls but also blocks thousands of common scams.

Call Control Deal Features Overview : 

  • Block calls from anyone.
  • Know whether an IRS scammer is calling you with enhanced caller ID
  • Automatically block known spam callers w/ reports.
  • Keep your phone from ringing at night or during an important meeting with quiet hours
  • Use reverse phone number lookup to reveal unknown numbers
    Note: Occasionally, new robocallers with few or no reports may get through. Once users start flagging them, all subscribers are updated in minutes.

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