Calido is a product management platform that uses intelligent roadmaps, bespoke shared views, and an open data approach to make product creation easier. With one platform that cuts through the tech clutter, you can identify priorities, streamline workflows, and make data-driven decisions.

With features that are tuned in to the most critical customer data, you can achieve product-market fit in no time. You may also share roadmaps and dashboards with your stakeholders so that everyone can work on the project from the beginning. With this tool, you can unite everyone around your vision, gain buy-in from key decision-makers, and manage the entire project collectively.

Calido Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You’ll be able to build bespoke shared views to keep your colleagues engaged throughout the project.
  • To keep everyone updated, provide a view with developers that allows them to follow product iterations and create a shareable timeline.
  • You may even offer an editable Live View at your next meeting to make real-time adjustments to resources, progress, and priorities—and wow your stakeholders.
  • Capture feedback on your ideas so you can focus on the features that your clients really want
  • Simply create an idea portal to receive user input, gain fresh insights, and evaluate your concepts
  • A built-in comment box allows your customers and stakeholders to give their comments on new developments. That way, you’ll know what they care about in terms of future releases.
  • A library of easy-to-use templates, including a completely customizable roadmap, idea portal, and launch strategy, will help you get started
  • This tool may also be used to handle a variety of projects, such as usability testing, marketing campaigns, and team activities
  • Simply import your own information and utilize the drag-and-drop tool to organize your teams into different workspaces and trackers
  • You may even create your own templates with just a few clicks, with support team standing by to help.
  • Customizable templates, including OKRs, user personas, and roadmaps, help you manage products from concept to launch
  • Productboard, Aha!, ClickUp, and airfocus are alternatives
  • Use idea portals to obtain user feedback and validate your ideas in real time
  • Product managers, project managers, and entrepreneurs aiming to streamline product development with efficient workflows can benefit from this tool
  • Product roadmaps, ideas, features, escalations, and tasks are all managed.
  • Organize and collect consumer feedback.
  • Views include hierarchical and flat lists, Kanban, and Gantt charts.
  • Collaboration between departments
  • Connect your roadmaps to your strategy and objectives.
  • Establish a corporate and product strategy, including objectives and important outcomes (OKRs)
  • Using pre-built connectors, sync roadmaps with development platforms like JIRA.
  • Personas are fictional characters that represent users.
  • Analysis of Competitor
  • 5 people make up the team
  • There are five workstations.
  • 5 items
  • There are 25 contributions in all.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of people who can

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