Bunnyshell is your Reliable Cloud Infrastructure Partner for Business Growth. It is a managed cloud platform that automates ALL manual, repetitive tasks required for provisioning and maintaining software stacks.

Bunnyshell Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Easy to scale up & down your cloud infrastructure.
  • Built-in Firewall protection, Load balancing, Server migration.
  • Best suited for Business Owners, Web Agencies, Developers
  • An alternative to Runcloud, Ploi
  • Connect your Virtual Servers to Bunnyshell account, and the performance of your websites & apps hosted will be tuned for maximum performance round the clock.
  • Get all the insights into your account.
  • If  any of your websites/apps go down, it will be restarted automatically
  • When there is a heavy load of traffic on your website or app,  it will be evenly distributed across multiple servers to ensure smooth performance.
  • When the number of servers is not enough, Bunnyshell will automatically increase or decrease the number of servers, based on the load of the website.
  • You can set up the uptime & downtime alerts on your email or slack.
  • There are no limits on the number of alerts you want to set.
  • You get complete transparency of your account with Bunnyshell. Directly From Server logs to Security logs, Cron job logs to Access logs, you get all the details inside your account.
  • Generate Lets Encrypt SSL Certificates automatically, or install your own certificates.
  • Manage the files & folders, and set permissions on various access levels to suit your organization’s needs.
  • Setup & Schedule automated backups for your applications
  • Full server cloning

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