Breakout is a no-code orchestration device that allows you to automate workflows and manage all of your business operations more effectively. So that your business works smoothly, create processes that connect your staff, tools, and customers. Start by selecting one of the numerous pre-built templates or by creating your own custom process from scratch. Using abilities like dynamic assignment, timelines, dependencies, and conditional logic, you can create a workflow in minutes without coding.

You’ll also be able to connect your existing tools, including Google Sheets, Calendar, Slack, mail, and Zapier, to any dynamic trigger in your workflow. Prepare to streamline your internal requirements such as hiring, vacation, budget, travel, assistance, administration, and spending by making process management simple.

Breakout Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • As requests come in via form, spreadsheet, or API, it will launch the appropriate workflow depending on your defined processes.
  • You can assign tasks to people and notify them separately, requesting permission or revisions as needed.
  • You can keep a record of all requests and their statuses, as well as develop dynamic communication that is triggered when a specific event occurs, such as sending emails once a request is authorized.
  • It allows you to create attractive customizable forms or portals that use your identities, such as colours, logos, and photos
  • Customize your fields and style to meet your needs, and select which fields are required. You may also add video or text guides to your collection of assets
  • You’ll also be able to create public surveys that you can share with everyone via a link or embed on your website.
  • It will immediately create a new card in the workflow when someone submits a public form.
  • The user enterprise-level automation to help small and medium-sized enterprises streamline any process.
  • Without writing a single line of code, automate processes like allocating tasks, updating company CRM, sending an email, producing reports, changing statuses, and more.
  • The automation features use if/then logic, allowing you to do a function when an event fulfils a set of conditions.
  • Create key process workflows and checklists while automating approvals and request management.
  • Pipefy is an alternative tool
  • To streamline business processes and workflows, create public forms and portals.
  • Best for technology and product teams, program managers, management teams, and solopreneurs who want to save time by streamlining procedures.
  • There are no codes or stacking needed; just select the plan that best meets your needs.
  • Integration with Zapier
  • Integration with Google Workspace
  • APIs and webhooks
  • Configuration of SMTP
  • Forms for the general public
  • Auditing and compliance
  • Roles and permissions
  • Board of Kanban
  • Symbol of the business
  • Due dates that change throughout time
  • Assignments that change over time
  • Scheduling
  • Workflow creator
  • Logic that is conditional
  • Automated breakouts
  • Processes that are linked

Breakout Appsumo Price

Breakout Price

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