You can use Blaze Verify to maintain a clean email list (and secure inbox placement) within minutes by connecting your email marketing platform or uploading your list. Just copy and paste one line of code at the time of capture to verify. There are also reliable, easy-to-integrate REST APIs available! Blaze Verify performs over 10 tests on every email, making sure it exists and also identifying the best leads for your company and not sending them to those who shouldn’t.

Some examples include:

  • Filter free emails from business emails.
  • Look for possible misspelled emails, with suggestions.
  • Duplicate email addresses can be found and removed
  • 250K Pack Credits
  • JavaScript Widget
  • Single Email verifier
  • Bulk Email Verifier
  • Bulk & Single Email Verifier API
  • Credits never expire.
  • This deal is not stackable.

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