Blacklisted Deals

We have blacklisted these deals so you think twice before you make the purchase.

  • SEO POP: If you find this deal somewhere, its best to rethink before you get it. Its just a script that shows you the on page SEO analysis. There are numerous free tools that do this. Just ask our friend, Google.
  • GDPR POP: This is a script you can buy for $199 and start selling yourself. As far as we know, the app wont be updated with new features often.
  • Available on Dealfuel, this is a script you can buy on Codecanyon. However you will have to install and configure on your server for which you have to pay monthly.
  • FlySpy 2.0: This deal is on DealFuel and is a script that anyone can buy with reseller rights and host it on their own server. There won't be any future updates or feature additions! The best alternative on lifetime deal is Humcommerce which is supported and updated with new features frequently.
  • ThunderDrive: We received negative reviews and comments from our members that ThunderDrive is just a script and not being supported actively.

On what basis?

In one sentence, we would not buy them and we would not recommend them.

Usually these are low quality products which are often built using a script sold somewhere, plugins ripped off from other places or if there is no proper support when promised.

To the Product Creators:

Deals are only blacklisted when they fail to meet our quality standards.
We blacklist deals to help our community make better purchase decisions.

How to remove your product from this page? Get in touch with us here. We will provide you the exact reason why it blacklisted. Prove us wrong and we will remove it.

Please note that we do not accept monetary consideration of any sort to remove the deal from blacklist.

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