Bird Eats Bug is a browser plugin that enables even non-technical people to produce data-rich bug reports, allowing engineers to analyze and debug problems more quickly. This tool allows users to report bugs with a single click using advanced multimedia recording features.

The add-on allows developers to record system statistics, network requests, console logs, and everything else they need to identify and fix problems 30 percent faster. While recording technical data directly from your browser, you’ll be able to provide more context to each issue. Simply activate your microphone and camera to rapidly describe your problem, saving time that would otherwise be spent typing it out and hoping for the best.

Bird Eats Bug Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • It allows you to automate your bug reporting process, eliminating the need for Slack ping-pong and copy-pasting.
  • The platform saves all technical fault data locally on your computer until it’s time to upload your bug report, capturing background data from the web page you’re now on.
  • Using the built-in “Bug Watch” feature, you can record logs and scan for faults on specific sites in real-time, giving you the capability of in-house monitoring staff.
  • You’ll be able to track logs even before you start recording video, receive error notifications anytime the dev console has a problem, and find hidden interface flaws.
  • It also makes collaborating and communicating with team members more efficient than before.
  • For clear and succinct reporting, the shared workspace allows you to categorize all reports with JIRA, GitHub, and internal bug status labels.
  • You can give varied permissions to different teams for accessing reports and updating statuses, either through private internal links or public reports that don’t require a sign-in.
  • You’ll also be able to set up automatic email notifications when team members submit new bug reports.
  • By connecting with your existing tech stack and publishing sessions directly to your issue tracker, you’ll be able to do all bug reporting from one interface.
  • You can manage issue reports in one location thanks to built-in progress monitoring, so you can optimize your process without changing your present setup.
  • Create new tickets immediately from any bug report, turn them into Jira issues, or keep track of auto-synced GitHub statuses with ease.
  • Connect with Slack for real-time notifications, email for thorough bug report sharing, or workflow applications like Linear and Trello for advanced project management.
  • While gathering data for engineers to debug technical faults, screenshot and screen record them.
  • Loom, LogRocket, and Usersnap are all alternatives.
  • Steps to automatically capture system data, console logs, network requests, and other important data
  • Best for teams in charge of quality assurance, product management, and software engineering who want to improve developer communication.
  • Storage is limitless.
  • Public and private links are used to share information.
  • There are no limits to the number of bug reporting.
  • Storage for bug reports and testing sessions is unlimited.
  • Encryption
  • Storage in the European Union
  • Screen capture
  • Screenshots
  • Annotated audio
  • Recording with the camera
  • Error tracking in JS
  • Logs from the console
  • Changes to the URL
  • Errors in the network
  • Workspace for groups
  • Integrations with Jira Cloud, GitHub, Slack, and other services

Bird Eats Bug Appsumo Price

Bird Eats Bug Price

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