is an AI music generator that creates original mood-based music for podcasts and videos. This tool uses artificial intelligence to create customized music, allowing you to add a suitable soundtrack to your content. To begin, simply add a podcast or video! Then pick from eight different musical styles, such as pop, electronic, or filmic.

Simply hover over the panels to hear examples of different genres until you find one that works for your material. You can designate a mood for each portion of your soundtrack, which comes with 16 different moods, including inspirational, victorious, and dreamy. Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • To capture various emotions, you can also add various cuts or insert various moods into a single piece of music.
  • Just click the compose button to let the AI generate a custom, mood-based track that perfectly complements each segment of your podcast or video.
  • The music produced by this tool sounds natural rather than synthetic since it uses a range of instruments from each genre type.
  • It is possible to define which instruments should be added, preserved, or removed from each track as well as which ones are essential to the composition.
  • The best part is that all of your soundtracks will be given to you with a permanent license. In other words, you can keep using them!
  • This tool makes it simple to adjust your songs to perfection by offering five alternate compositions based on cutting-edge music theory and production ideas.
  • You can recompose the music to your satisfaction and save modifications after selecting your favorite composition.
  • Your material will sound contemporary because this platform provides endless production-ready music with industry-standard mixing and mastering methods. Press the compose button, and the AI will develop special, mood-based music that is appropriate for every segment of your podcast or video. Appsumo Price Price

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