Base is a white-label link-building management software that assists SEO agencies in developing high-quality links while streamlining their workflow. This tool is here to assist you in managing the entire link-building process as well as all of your team initiatives, so you can focus on catching bigger fish.

It provides you with access to a searchable database containing all of your backlinks, allowing you to manage your team and the full link-building process with ease.

Base Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You can prevent repeating efforts with different link builders, you may sort, filter, and enrich every link in the database.
  • This tool allows you to access the most recent Ahrefs SEO data, such as organic traffic and domain rating.
  • It will also crawl your backlinks on a regular basis and notify you if the status of your links changes
  • It will keep track of the link-building opportunities you pursue and your overall progress, which is ideal for working with many link-builders
  • To guarantee that everyone on your team is on the same page, add new link-building targets or bulk import your list
  • You’ll also be able to change the status of each project’s website to avoid repeating another client’s claimed links
  • You can restrict who can see projects, alter statuses, add or remove websites, and more by assigning different user access levels
  • It also provides a user-friendly dashboard for tracking the link builder’s work, budgets, and projected deliverables
  • The best part is that you can track paid links, including pricing, expiration dates, anchors, URL targets, and link health, to ensure that you stay within budget
  • The built-in spam score uses 16 different checkpoints to instantly determine a website’s quality, ensuring that you never go after the wrong connections
  • Configure the spam algorithm to specify your lowest threshold criteria for domain rating, organic traffic, and external links
  • You may even construct a list of blacklisted domains to keep low-quality sites from being included to your list of chances.
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Base appsumo price
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base regular pricing


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