BananaShop is revolutionising e-no-code commerce’s simplicity. For your benefit, we worked on the crucial characteristics needed for an online store. Your store will always be responsive to mobile devices and adhere to web standards. Even if you have many shops, managing your business is simple.

Any modification or update you make takes immediate effect in your store. We cut down on the time it took to update the CMS and publish to your store’s website.

It comes with all the necessary functions for e-commerce; you won’t need to spend extra money on plugins and apps to make your shop operate. Inbuilt features include cart abandonment, product recommendations, stock shortages, heat maps, and a variety of alternatives.

BananaShop Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Hosting: All plans include free shop hosting. Whether you have 10 items or 10,000+, it will host your store.
  • Custom Domain: Choose any plan and use your own domain to express who you are. Your shop will be live on your domain when you complete the easy steps
  • Custom Fields: Select when to show and conceal up to 10+ different sorts of custom fields based on the type of goods you are selling.
  • Products to Import in Bulk: Add one product and fill in all the custom fields needed to get the Excel template, then upload the completed template with the product data. Your store is fully stocked and ready to go.
  • Know What You Modification: Each change to a shop’s component is illustrated with an example to help you visualize how and where the change will affect your store. Simply click the to see how the update will appear.
  • Adding Social Network Links: It’s now simpler than ever to add your social media links. Go to Setting > Social Media Links without using any plugins.
  • Auto Save: You can say goodbye to worrying about losing your edits; you make the change, and we save it. The “Save” button was actually removed. After making a change, you check your shop to see that it has already taken effect.
  • Mobile and Desktop Layout: Since mobile and desktop display things differently, your misunderstanding about how your image or section would appear on each has been cleared up. By adding separate options for desktop and mobile versions of modifications, you can easily alter how things appear on either platform, be it a banner image or a product layout.
  • Customization Go Bananas: You want to stand out and do something distinctive; every concept or item is unique, just as each store is.
  • You can modify every part of how your store appears in accordance with your needs, including the typeface used, the color scheme, the size of the images displayed, the distances between sections and titles, and many other things. Here you may find every store configuration that provides
  • Display the cart count in the favicon with just a toggle.
  • Animate your cart button to add animation. once more only with a toggle. New animations are on the way; keep quiet
  • Yes, this animation for the instant checkout button is accessible. We advise you to utilize user-friendly animations that encourage your clients to make purchases
  • Eliminate the “Powered by BananaShop” branding. We’ll do all in our power to win you over to uncomplicated design and its technology-backed store performance. If you can help us simplify the world of online business and improve the ecosystem, we will be overjoyed. However, if you still prefer not to advertise the fact that powers your store, we completely appreciate your viewpoint and have included a free option for you to do so in each plan
  • When a visitor is on your website and selects another tab in their browser, you may modify the text in the tab title to read “Hey! come back.” This is a fun and very effective feature. Use your imagination to entertain your consumers and stand out; the opportunity is yours.
  • Address Bar Color (Mobile): You read it correctly; you may modify the color of your mobile address bar. I bet you didn’t anticipate this.
  • Ask your user to accept cookies by displaying an accept cookies popup to customize their shopping experience to their needs.
  • Enable/Disable Auto External Links: You choose whether a user should open a product or page in a new tab or the current tab when they do so in the shop. once more, simply:
  • Let’s talk about pop-ups, of course. Simply specify the time you want the pop-up to appear by enabling the pop-up image of your choice. Define a URL that users can access when they click the pop-up as well.
  • Stock Scarcity: Increase sales intent by displaying a real-time stock scarcity message that is directly related to your stock’s availability. Oh, and you may alter the message text’s color and the number of remaining products you want to display.
  • Place the announcement message there, specify its style (center, left, right, animation), and choose the announcement bar and text colors. Simply perfect.
  • We did it once more, this time with a toggle that lets you decide whether registered users can access your shop secretly or openly.
  • Price in Store: Prices can be hidden, and requests can only be made there.
  • Show/Hide Available Quantity: You can display the number of products you have; this is very useful for companies that sell wholesale goods. Consider having 12,300 pieces at hand.
  • We designed this tool for every type of business, from tiny boutiques to large wholesale outlets, taking into account every functionality
  • Show/Conceal Out of Stock: If a product is out of stock, you can choose to show or hide it. In addition, you can add customized text for out-of-stock products
  • Too much hide-and-seek. Show/Hide Tax Rate: If the price of the goods includes all taxes, provide the percentage tax you are charging on it or omit it
  • Set Minimum Order Value: In your shop, you may specify a minimum order amount
  • Dynamic “Add to Cart” Button: Name the cart button any way you desire, such as “Add to Cart,” “Shop now,” or “Go Bananas.” P.S. Don’t terrify your clients. okay
  • Dynamic Cart Button: Once more, you may give your button a name. Permit attachments during checkout (used by consultancy firms and more)
  • Allow Cash on Delivery with a straightforward Yes/No setting for payment. Simply enter your Payment Gateway ID and Secret Key to easily add your payment gateway.
  • Put a standard delivery fee or free shipping over any amount of your choosing in the shipping setting. The number of shipping days can also be provided on the checkout page. Allow returns of goods or don’t. Indicate the locations of your free shipping zones. We are currently integrated with PayTM and RazorPay Cashfree. Soon we’ll include additional payment processors like Stripe, Instamojo, etc.
  • Shipping Partners: Connect your shop for logistical fulfillment by simply adding the information for your shipping partners. We now have integrations with Shyplite and ShipRocket. Delhivery, DHL, and further fulfillment options will be added soon.
  • Analytics: Promoting your store is crucial, thus we’ve taken care to include features that enhance its efficiency. By adding the code to the Analytics section, you can add any analytics you want.
  • Online shop fundamentals: The dashboard makes it easy to manage orders, customers, and their data as well as to create customized catalogs.
  • Team Members: You are free to add as many team members as you want to your shop. The shop’s division into divisions will soon take place.
  • Dashboard: To examine the performance of your shop and generate reports, the offers a dynamic and educational dashboard.
  • Activity Logs: It keeps track of your activity so you can see what changes were made when and by whom in your team. makes it simple to keep track of your activities and allows you to remember past changes.

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