BackupBliss is a WordPress plugin that allows you to handle backups and migrations while keeping your website secure. It allows you to create your first site backup in seconds with the press of a button. From there, you may perform manual backups whenever you wish.

With a few clicks, you may schedule automated site backups at regular intervals, such as every day, week, or month. Choose what to backup, such as plugins, themes, and uploaded media. Furthermore, you can utilize inclusion or exclusion rules to be extremely specific.

BackupBliss Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • This plugin allows you to specify where your backups are stored—either locally on your web server or directly in Google Drive.
  • Manage all of your completed backups in a dedicated tab that displays the backup date, name, file size, and storage location.
  • Even better, you can protect your backups from deletion, ensuring that you do not lose important versions of your website’s data.
  • When the time comes to restore a backup, it takes only seconds. You can perform partial restores (just restoring certain elements of your site) or full restores.
  • You can rapidly establish a staging area for experimenting.
  • Choose where the staging site will be stored—on your server and domain or on an other server.
  • This tool makes it incredibly simple to launch your testing website.
  • You can alter the plugin’s language, which supports over 20 languages such as Japanese, French, Arabic, and Russian.
  • You can keep as many backups for as long as you desire. You are only restricted by the amount of space on your server or Google Drive.
  • It provides excellent client service to assist you with any concerns, you don’t have to worry about the minor details.
  • It provides automated backups, simple restores, and staging site assistance to protect your website from data loss.
backupbliss appsumo price
backupbliss appsumo price
backupbliss regular pricing
backupbliss regular pricing

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