Autodraft is your go-to AI-powered picture generator for comics, webcomics, and animations. With our pre-trained models, you can easily achieve character and style consistency. This tool offers it all, from anime-style to comic-style!

In Showcase Gallery, you may see one of the best works by the artist community. Discover some of the best works from our thriving artist community. Draw inspiration from the input prompts, tweak, and let your imagination run wild to create your own masterpieces.

Autodraft Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Take complete control and generate photos in three simple steps:
  • Create your own postures or select from existing ones.
  • Copy the posture and replace it with your prompt.
  • Create and export your one-of-a-kind image
  • It handles the rest, surprising you with an output image that is either a perfect clone of the input (through deep copy) or a similar pose (via copy pose)
  • With our revolutionary tool, you can easily customize any image. Allow our powerful algorithms to bring your creative concept to life by providing thorough descriptions of desired alterations.

You can use two upscalers with Autodraft:

  • A game changer in image enhancement is Creative Upscale. Say goodbye to photographs that are distorted or indistinct. This detailed feature effectively restores lost details by upscaling individual pixels while referencing the prompt
  • Normal Upscale: Increase the resolution of your image to improve its quality. Enjoy the advantages of increased visual clarity and sharpness.
  • You can simply do the following with Image Inpainter
  • Edit Images in Seconds: Mark the area with the brush tool and provide a simple prompt, such as “Girl wearing a red dress,” and watch the magic happen
  • Change Photo Background: Whether it’s a selfie, a random image, or your brand’s product photography, Image Inpainter allows you to easily change and enhance the image background
  • Add items like butterflies or petals next to your flower container, supply the prompt, and watch the magic happen.
  • Use AI in painting to change specific details or complete visual aspects in any image. Remove any unneeded pieces and direct the AI to fill in the blanks with fresh content.
autodraft regular pricing
autodraft regular pricing
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autodraft appsumo price

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