AutoPageRank is here to revolutionize the way you index your website’s pages on Google. With this powerful tool, you can ensure that all your current and future pages are indexed as quickly as possible, putting your website on the fast track to higher visibility and better search engine rankings.

Key Features of AutoPageRank

  1. Fast and Simple Indexing: It uses Google’s Indexing API to automatically index all your website’s pages, making the indexing process faster than updating sitemaps and pinging Google.
  2. SEO Automation: It puts your SEO on autopilot by automatically indexing all your website’s pages, ensuring that Google always has the latest version of your website.
  3. Google Cloud Service Account Integration: It requires a free Google Cloud Service account, which allows you to easily integrate your website with the tool.
  4. SiteMaps Management: It requires at least one valid sitemap for your website to be listed in and indexed properly.
  5. Status Synchronization: It allows you to view the status of each page for each respective website, including the first and last time each page was indexed by AutoPageRank and Google.

Why Choose AutoPageRank?

  • Speed: It offers the fastest and simplest way to index all your website’s pages on Google, saving you valuable time and effort.
  • Ease of Use: It is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that even the most inexperienced users can easily index their web pages.
  • Improved Visibility: By quickly indexing your web pages, it helps improve your website’s visibility and search engine rankings, driving more organic traffic to your site.

In conclusion, it is the ultimate solution for individuals and businesses looking to improve their website’s visibility and search engine rankings. With its fast and simple indexing process, ease of use, and improved visibility.Auto Page Rank Regular Pricing

Auto Page Rank Regular Pricing

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