Arvia uses live video chat on its e-commerce site to assist retail firms increase revenue and enhancing customer happiness. Furthermore, you and your clients may now have the same in-store purchasing experience from the comfort of their own homes.

With this tool, online customers can interact with sales colleagues in person, view products in real-time, and receive tailored advice and direction. Companies can begin utilizing this tool on their website without coding in seconds.

Arvia Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • It assists retail brands in increasing revenue and customer satisfaction by integrating face-to-face video chat directly into their e-commerce site. Customers can communicate with sales staff in real-time and receive specialized advice. To add to the website, only one line of code is required.
  • Bambuser, 11sight, Consolto, and Getboutiq are all similar.
  • Intuitive UI & UX, simple platform, and high stability.
  • Best for Solopreneurs, Freelancers, SMEs, Agencies, and E-commerce Stores looking to enhance the online purchasing experience with tailored purchase recommendations.
  • The video call widget is a very versatile user interface that allows businesses to change the appearance and feel to match their web design and corporate brand strategy
  • You can easily alter the colours, font size, text content, user consent details, and other settings
  • Companies can view all sales conversation details, such as video recordings, missed calls, lead forms, meeting notes, recommended items, text messages, and the URL of the page where the client initiated the call
  • The dashboard provides a wealth of useful information, such as top-performing sales agents, customer satisfaction survey results, online status changes for agents, meeting lengths, customer waiting times, and much more. All of the reports can be exported and downloaded as well.
  • Agents can obtain product information from the websites of firms and advertise live during the video conversation
  • Users and agents can share files by uploading them
  • By accessing their websites, agents can share their screens and advertise products
  • Before joining a video call, businesses can use lead forms to collect user information and online consumers
  • 1-Click Checkout, Product List in Video & Text Chat, Custom Authentication, Client Side Event Handling, Multiple Layout Modes, Customizable Icon & Look, Feel, and much more.
Arvia Regular Pricing
Arvia Regular Pricing

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