Appoint is a scheduling tool with plenty of bells and whistles to cover your entire team. It supports four sorts of events: one-on-one, group, collective, and round-robin.

You can choose your booking type, and add your calendar, and you’ll receive a booking page to share anytime a meeting opportunity arises.One-on-One. As a last call to action, include a link to this event in your connection messages or follow-up messages. Your prospects can choose from a variety of days and times.

Appoint Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Perfect for gathering registrations for regular events like webinars or group product demos. Simply put this link in a LinkedIn post, embed it in your webinar landing page, or send it via email newsletter. Multiple guests can sign up for the same event without seeing the emails of other users:
  • When onboarding large accounts, do you find yourself spending the majority of your day catching up with your technical guys or success managers since they’re always busy? When you add several hosts to a single event, the booking page will provide meeting times when all hosts are available
  • This event will evenly share meetings among multiple hosts. This is ideal for “Book a demo” buttons on your website. By incorporating our floating button snippet into your website, you may solve your inbound lead concerns
  • It supports Outlook and Google Calendars. Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom may all be used to generate a unique meeting link for every booked event
  • You can choose when and what to send your invitees before and after the conference call.
appoint appsumo price
appoint appsumo price
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appoint regular pricing

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