Answerly is an artificial intelligence chatbot that understands your entire business and provides dynamic, human-like responses to clients around the clock. It is an AI-powered chatbot that aims to transform the way you interact with your consumers.

This widget allows you to train your AI chatbot using various data sources to develop a subject matter expert capable of responding to any customer service issue.

Answerly Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You will be able to train it on facts particular to your business by importing online data from your website and knowledge base.
  • This capability also allows you to import unpublished data from Google Docs or PDFs and train your chatbot for internal usage.
  • This widget makes it simple to update your AI chatbot’s expertise with information that isn’t available on your website or documents.
  • That means you may alert your chatbot of anticipated outages or other concerns to keep site visitors informed
  • You can also add screenshots of settings and capabilities, along with a brief description, to provide your chatbot with visual aids for client communication
  • It also includes numerous customization options, allowing you to simply change the appearance and feel of your AI chatbot.
  • You can now customize the widget with your logo and colors to make it look more like the rest of your website
  • You can also customize the tone or personality of your AI chatbot, from comical to serious, to improve the consumer experience
  • It can evaluate and detect gaps in your information to highlight customer support questions that it cannot yet address.
  • You may instantly fill up these gaps with short replies directly inside your dashboard, saving you the effort of amending source documents
  • You will be able to develop a chatbot that can essentially answer any issue, allowing you to finally optimize your customer support process
  • Contrary to popular belief, having a know-it-all on your team would be really beneficial
  • It enables you to train an AI chatbot, update it with critical information on the fly, and discover knowledge gaps to provide excellent customer care 24/7
  • Give your AI helper a distinct name and personality to provide a personal touch to your business
  • Set distinct qualities that define your brand’s attitude, promoting interactive and interesting conversations with your visitors
  • Using our user-friendly Knowledge Hub, you can provide customized knowledge about your business to your AI assistant.
  • Simply provide the relevant information, and your chatbot will learn and adapt to better serve your consumers.
  • Unleash AI’s capacity to understand and navigate the complexity of your business.
  • Observe all live chats, interactions, and engagements between your AI assistant and consumers in real time.
  • Use this historical data to uncover frequently asked questions, client pain points, and opportunities for improvement.
  • A feature in the chatbot that allows consumers to send direct messages to your inbox.
  • Visions allow the chatbot to give more interesting and dynamic responses by including relevant visuals in its responses
  • Link References enable AI assistant to include relevant web links in the responses it generates for users.
  • Adjust your chatbot’s appearance and feel, including positioning, colors, width, and shadow, to mix in with the style of your website
  • Personalize the AI assistant’s identity, including its name and personality, to improve user interactions and establish brand consistency
  • Analyzes your existing Knowledge Hub and provides new questions that the chatbot may struggle with, so enhancing its knowledge.
  • Share a direct link to your chatbot, allowing visitors to engage with it without the need to embed it on a webpage
  • Share a direct connection to your chatbot using a scannable QR code, allowing users to interact with it without it being integrated on a website
  • Create a team, invite members, and collaborate to manage and improve the performance of your chatbot.
  • Enhance your online visibility using CNAME feature, which allows you to customize the domain of your ChatBot links.
  • Take control of your widget’s functionality by using webhooks, which allow you to perform custom actions depending on certain events
  • Using SDK, you may customize the widget to meet your specific needs and open up new possibilities
  • Quickly and easily add one or more chatbot widgets to your website.
answerly appsumo price
answerly appsumo price
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answerly regular pricing

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