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    Agency Handy is the only platform you’ll need to handle clients and operations seamlessly. Enter Agency Handy. An all-in-one management platform for agencies and service providers that replaces numerous additional technologies to streamline business operations. Seriously, that is a business in a box. Explore Agency Handy’s revolutionary features below!

    By combining team and client interactions on a single platform, you can encourage collaboration and feedback. Easily develop and publish detailed service pages that allow clients to purchase directly and initiate orders that advance onboarding and fulfillment.

    AgencyHandy Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

    • Create a unique service catalog page and link to your website.
    • Directly accept orders from clients Break orders into tasks, allocate them to staff, and assess progres
    • Send invoices for prepaid and postpaid orders
    • Get a central dashboard to monitor everything
    • Payment gateway connectors enable you to receive payments
    • Manage tickets, files, and communications.
    • Efficient customer management: By centralizing all client information, you can provide clarity and make informed decisions.
    • Streamlined onboarding process: Easily creates client profiles and automates client invitations, saving you time and effort.
    • Customized proposals: The platform allows you to swiftly create proposals, enhancing your chances of getting transactions.
    • Task and project management: Break down orders into manageable tasks, distribute responsibility, and easily track progress.
    • Secure deals by sending customized proposals directly to your clients via the platform. Then, collect payments from clients either monthly or one-time.
    • Streamline the onboarding process by developing customer profiles and custom intake forms to gather necessary information. Clients can confirm their invitation with a single click
    • Break down orders into smaller projects, set deadlines, and allocate work to your staff. Gain visibility into each task’s status and progress to ensure that the project is completed on schedule.
    • Manage client requests by creating tickets for issues and assigning them to team members who can provide support, updates, or comments.
    • No more lost files. The Files tab allows you to organize your files smoothly. Attach any essential files for a given order, job, or problem so that clients and team members can easily discover what they need.
    • Get an overview of each task’s stage and how well it is progressing to guarantee a smooth and timely project execution. Kanban view is accessible.
    • Configure your workspace’s colors and logo to match your brand. Also, set your personalized domain! (Available in all plans)
    agencyhandy regular pricing
    agencyhandy regular pricing
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    agencyhandy rockethub pricing

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