Afforai is an artificial intelligence chatbot that searches, summarises, and translates data from numerous sources to provide reliable research. This tool can scrape data from hundreds of sources without breaking a sweat thanks to its unique algorithm paired with Azure’s OpenAI!

Hundreds of papers and URLs can be used to train your chatbot on any topic, transforming it into a subject matter expert in minutes. You can include PDFs, Word documents, and even PowerPoint presentations in your uploads.

Afforai Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • This platform can also analyze thick literature such as undergraduate and graduate textbooks, in-depth research journals, and other materials.
  • Ask questions about your documents and get instant answers—no more reading through many pages or using Ctrl+F to get what you’re searching for
  • This tool supports over 100 languages, so you may upload a French novel or ask a question in Japanese, and the AI will react appropriately
  • You won’t have to switch between tabs since this tool side-by-side document viewer will display your study document directly next to the chat window
  • This application works with all supported information sources, so you may get documents, webpages, and slide presentations as well
  • The sources for each answer can be found by clicking the citation button, which offers direct connections to the original information
  • When you click a citation link, you will be taken immediately to the referenced passages, which are all underlined for your convenience
  • It will only respond with a direct reference, guaranteeing that you are receiving correct and dependable information
  • You may integrate your chatbot with Google search to acquire the most up-to-date information from anywhere online
  • The chatbot will then respond to your queries with various citations, ensuring that all of the solutions are fully substantiated
  • To delve deeper into a topic, you’ll be able to add any citation to your chatbot with a single click
  • You’re one step closer to becoming a jack of all trades with this strong AI research assistant.
afforai appsumo price
afforai appsumo price
afforai regular pricing
afforai regular pricing

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