Adsmurai One Tag is the best way for enabling Conversion API tracking on Meta (Facebook, Instagram), TikTok, LinkedIn, Google Ads, GA4, and Pinterest. Using the Adsmurai Google Tag Manager tag, you may communicate all of your events via API, preventing data loss due to third-party cookies.

Simple to configure on your existing Google Tag Manager container. You’d only need to install the tag. The following providers are supported: Meta, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Ads, Google Analytics 4, and SnapChat.

Adsmurai One Tag Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • The Tracking Health dashboard allows you to monitor the volume of events and resolve tracking difficulties.
  • Suitable for agencies: manage all customers in a single account.
  • Tracking Health is the greatest solution for businesses who spend in multiple channel
  • When your first tag is live, the data will be displayed immediately.
  • Fix any conversion or configuration errors straight away. No more navigating between dashboards
  • Manage all of your clients with a single login and ensure that their tracking works properly.
  • Google has declared that it will discontinue supporting third-party cookies in 2024, following Apple’s lead.
  • If no other tracking is set up, the average cost per action will increase by 300%.
  • Channel performance will improve as the number of tracked events increases.
  • Set up Meta, TikTok, Pinterest and Snapchat, Linkedin and Criteo pixels, and the Conversions API using our tag for Google Tag Manager for a fraction of the price of comparable options.
  • Capture all webpage events without worrying about tracking prevention systems or the future third-party cookie block.
  • Our solution allows you to easily set up any event, no matter how complex or customized it is.
Adsmurai One Tag appsumo price
Adsmurai One Tag appsumo price
Adsmurai One Tag regular pricing
Adsmurai One Tag regular pricing


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