AddStars is the only review aggregator that gathers your reviews from across the internet, consolidates them into one place for you, and displays them in Google Search results. It enables you to gather feedback from other websites and display it in Google’s organic search results.

It currently collects reviews from 29 global platforms, but there will be more in the future; they have a dedicated team that is adding new platforms on a monthly basis, with a goal of adding 100 more platforms by the end of 2023.

AddStars Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • It collects and displays your reviews on Google SERPs.
  • Access all current and upcoming review platforms as they become available.
  • Complete customization access to the white-label dashboard.
  • Ideal for developers, marketing firms, and web design firms.
  • The White Label feature allows you to personalize your dashboard.
  • Option for affiliate marketing.
  • To quickly add your unique ID to any WordPress site, use the WordPress plugin.
  • Add the  Unique code to the header or footer of any website.
  • Access all current and upcoming review platforms as they become available.
  • Live chat assistance is available.
  • It allows potential customers to compare your company favorably to competitors.
  • Assets with a white label.
  • Dashboard for white-label resellers.

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