1Brand makes it easy for marketers, agencies, and entrepreneurs to make beautiful, customized brand guidelines in just minutes.

1Brand Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Export dynamic branding guidelines into a PDF.
  • Alternative to: Frontify
  • Create all logo file formats with one upload, organize colors and fonts with tags, and translate color models automagically with color model translations.
  • For: Marketing and UX agencies looking to provide more value to clients with unified branding guidelines.
  • Enter the URL of a client and instantly pull in color schemes, logos, and fonts
  • These three core elements can be added, adjusted, labeled, and organized with the option to go back and make further adjustments
  • Make your selections before you publish your brand guidelines.
  • Entering in a domain is all it takes to create your brand guideline!
  • With the Colors editor, you can label, adjust, rename, or add colors, and organize them by using tags
  • You can save hours of tedious production when you upload a high-resolution logo and allow the system to change file formats into JPGs, PNGs, and more
  • If you want to share multiple logo versions, such as Wordmark or Brandmark, you can upload them and label them accordingly to tell what they are used for
  • Manage your colors with a new name, color models, and tags to keep them organized
  • It makes it easy to access all your brand assets from a single location
  • Brand assets can also be organized by type.
  • Manage all of your brand assets from one place for optimum organization!
  • The Agency plan lets you create brand guidelines for an unlimited number of clients.
  • Since not every client needs the same functionality, Agency clients have two tiers: Basic and Pro.
  • You can easily track your members with the ability to upgrade or downgrade based on business needs, offering you maximum flexibility.
  • Make sure you can always add, remove, or upgrade your clients
  • You can maximize your brand’s power by collaborating, viewing, and sharing guidelines.
  • If the guidelines have been published, share them with clients and your team via a URL or embed them on your website.
  • Brand guidelines can be automated, letting you scale your processes, save time, and provide client value with guidelines that are simple to share
  • One tool for managing your brand guidelines.
  • Unlimited users
  • 256 colors, logos, and fonts
  • Logo Clearspace
  • Color models
  • Logo file types
  • Guideline cover logo
  • Premium cover designs
  • Customize attribution
  • PDF export (Pro clients)
  • Draft guidelines
  • Publishing
  • Embedded guidelines

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