Xamtac is an AI marketing department ERP system that guides businesses through data collection, asset development, organization, planning, and the deployment of paid campaigns, social media, and emails. Generate and organize assets in the library for usage in marketing programs that may be deployed straight from Xamtac.

Once your campaigns are operational, you can simply access your analytics and KPIs in the reporting section, as well as track and engage with your leads within the CRM. The library is where you can collect and create marketing assets for each stage of your customer journey funnel.

Xamtac Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You can swiftly create and iterate through highly tailored assets to maximize your marketing efforts.
  • The library contains all of the necessary assets, including headlines and descriptions, email templates, creatives, keywords, audiences, and forms
  • Simplify planning for all channels, including ads, emails, social media, and organic content
  • Refine your approach to engage effectively, then share it with your team or seek approval
  • When you’re ready to proceed with your plans, you can start or schedule your campaigns, social media postings, and emails directly from the dashboard
  • The PPC reporting and CRM enable simple lead management and real-time ad analytics adjustments
  • Connect with all of your sources to begin receiving fresh insights and perspectives on your data and sales
  • Improve efficiency and creativity by utilizing a dedicated array of team collaboration tools
  • These technologies are intended to streamline collaboration and improve communication, fostering a unified environment for strategic marketing planning and execution
  • Manage many clients with ease with sub-accounts for agencies, which allow you to build unique and independent Xamtac environments for each client
  • You can also use a client-facing portal to share reports, insights, and feedback with your clients
  • It lets you optimize your agency’s operations and produce high-quality results
  • It is a marketing ecosystem that combines advanced AI with a set of tools to reduce marketing difficulties
  • It streamlines multi-channel campaigns, increasing reach and effect, while being tailored to your specific brand styles and voices
  • Asset production and organizational capabilities enable the easy creation and management of assets, while powerful marketing planning and launch tools assure effective, coordinated campaigns
  • Integrate with your data to get smart statistics and a more complete marketing team experience.
xamtac appsumoo price
xamtac appsumoo price
xamtac regular pricing
xamtac regular pricing

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