VoiceGenie is a platform for voicebots that uses generative AI to improve lead qualifying, product marketing, and sales. VoiceGenie allows you to create a generative AI-powered voicebot that can interact with leads and guide them through your sales funnel.

VoiceGenie, a Generative AI-powered voice bot that reaches out, understands, and answers to your buyers empathetically, just like a human salesperson, allowing you to meet your revenue targets on autopilot.

VoiceGenie Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Customize your voice assistant’s name, gender, accent, and scripts to reflect your brand.
  • Automatically produce scripts with AI or utilize template scripts.
  • Add phone numbers so that human workers may easily transfer calls when necessary.
  • You’ll be able to use automated engagement campaigns to build stronger relationships with prospects throughout the purchasing process.
  • Call numerous users automatically.
  • Simply select your voice assistant, enter the dialer phone number, and let the AI handle the rest.
  • With just a few clicks, you can tailor sales calls with dynamic scripts that include prospects’ names, emails, and other pertinent information.
  • Engage in meaningful discussions with your audience to increase brand awareness.
  • Build rapport and trust by inserting a client’s metadata information, such as their location, vehicle details, and so on.
  • Create a reusable contact list of leads for future sales calls.
  • It delivers analytics after each conversation, allowing you to adjust your strategy based on data-driven insights from prospects.
  • Enable post-analysis inquiries and filter calls depending on outcomes to better understand prospects.
  • Obtain phone records and transcripts for further information.
  • View data on call duration, calls made, calls answered, and the status of each call.
  • It automates sales calls, manages campaigns, and provides call statistics to help you complete more business in less time.
  • Engage in meaningful discussions with your audience to build strong brand relationships that increase awareness and preference over your competition.
  • With our Generative AI Voice Bot, you can educate buyers, remove misconceptions, and provide personalized discovery experiences based on individual preferences.
voicegenie appsumo price
voicegenie appsumo price
voicegenie regular pricing
voicegenie regular pricing

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