Urals is a microsite builder that comes with customizable themes and reusable blocks to help you generate cross-platform traffic. This tool enables you to create microsite collections that drive traffic from YouTube videos, and Instagram stories, and even attract clients on WhatsApp.

This user-friendly block-based builder allows you to include blocks for links, text, photos, and collections. You may also use landing page templates to swiftly replicate designs and layouts across several profiles or sites.

Urals Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • That way, you can do things like build an “About” section, link to your social media, and add buttons to evergreen deals with no extra effort.
  • Create “collections” of reusable blocks to group together multiple elements that can be used on multiple pages.
  • These collections allow you to insert any form of block, such as photos, galleries, buttons, and icons.
  • You may also sync changes across all collections, making it simple to update expired affiliate links and replace photos.
  • You can personalize link blocks using the color picker.
  • Even better, it will automatically build a cover image, thumbnail, title, and description based on the data in your links.
  • You’ll be able to create high-profit product pages with eye-catching links, which will undoubtedly increase clicks and sales.
  • The sidebar allows users to access even more links. This functionality allows you to exhibit multiple products and offers to increase cross-platform traffic.
  • Not only can the sidebar improve SEO, but it also keeps visitors engaged for longer, increasing the likelihood of converting them into a follower or buyers.
  • Best of all, this platform is suited for all screen sizes, allowing you to reach individuals using any device.
  • You can construct and bundle microsites to promote your content or offers across many platforms.
urals appsumo price
urals appsumo price

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