UpVPN is a new serverless VPN built on WireGuard that offers privacy, security, and convenient access to worldwide content. This tool allows you to rapidly connect to VPN servers that are provisioned when you join and de-provisioned when you disconnect.

This strategy results in a fresh server and IP address each time you connect to a fully serverless location, which improves your online privacy and security. You may get VPN servers without having to manage configurations or servers.

UpVPN Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Easily interface with the official WireGuard mobile or desktop apps.
  • Customize DNS settings for more control.
  • Save time and money by using serverless VPN technology.
  • With a simple click or tap, you can instantly set up a VPN server.
  • Every time you connect in a serverless location, you will be assigned a new server and IP address.
  • Connect quickly in places with available server capacity.
  • Enjoy transparency and security by using open-source software.
  • Believe in the security and transparency of technology
  • The UpVPN CLI command-line utility allows you to seamlessly control VPN sessions
  • Easily view all available VPN server locations
  • Easily initiate and end VPN connections using the CLI.
  • Connect to official WireGuard clients even without the UpVPN app.
  • Control and monitor your VPN sessions from a single dashboard.
  • Adjust DNS settings and download WireGuard configuration for a simple setup.
  • On-demand server provisioning
  • Unlimited devices and data
  • Transparency within the open source community.
upvpn dealfuel price
upvpn dealfuel price
upvpn regular pricing
upvpn regular pricing


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