UniTaskerPro is a comprehensive business management software that simplifies work, streamlines CRM, empowers HR, and optimizes finance, resulting in an efficient and successful firm. This business management application provides a centralized solution for streamlining all elements of business operations, removing the need for different software solutions.

This functionality smoothly integrates with the whole project management system, connecting activities to larger project objectives and schedules. This tool creates a visual timeline of project schedules that highlights work relationships, milestones, and deadlines. It’s an effective tool for scheduling and changing project timelines.

UniTaskerPro Deal Features Overview:

  • Simplify procedures and improve efficiency.
  • Using an all-in-one solution saves time and money.
  • Advanced analytics technologies provide useful insights into business processes.
  • Real-time messaging and collaboration tools help to secure data and streamline communication.
  • The Kanban board provides a dynamic view of job progression, allowing teams to visualize workflow stages and immediately detect bottlenecks. It improves agility and reactivity in task management
  • The integrated timesheet system simplifies the process of logging hours, tracking billable time, and monitoring team productivity, which is critical for project planning and resource allocation.
  • The Detail Project Overview feature offers a complete glimpse of your project, including milestones, progress, and contributors.
  • It allows you to give tasks to team members, define priorities, and track progress, ensuring that everyone stays on track.
  • Easily gather and track employee information, from personal details to job history, while streamlining HR operations for better personnel management.
  • Simplify and automate leave requests, approvals, and tracking, so that employees and management can manage time off efficiently.
  • Facilitate the construction and maintenance of personnel shift schedules, hence maximizing workforce distribution for smooth operations.
  • Track and monitor staff attendance, connecting with time-tracking software to ensure accurate records and fast payroll processing.
  • Manage and communicate company-wide holidays, keeping staff informed of forthcoming breaks and simplifying leave planning.
  • Implement programs recognizing and acknowledging employee accomplishments, promoting a pleasant workplace culture and inspiring employees.
  • This technique allows for a more refined approach to lead management. Users may track the source of each lead, whether it comes from social media, email campaigns, or website queries.
  • The design stresses user experience by ensuring that data is not only accessible but also well-organized, allowing for speedy decision-making.
  • The Deals tool allows users to easily track and manage future and ongoing deals. This covers tracking deal stages, values, and associated actions.
  • The technology uses complex algorithms to streamline operations such as load monitoring, sales pipeline management, and deal finalization.
  • The support ticket feature is essential for addressing client complaints and inquiries. It enables enterprises to efficiently track, prioritize, and resolve customer support tickets.
  • Users can generate and manage quotes directly in the CRM. This feature streamlines the process of providing clients with pricing and service information.
  • Create and submit proposals to clients explaining the services or products supplied, pricing, and terms to help with the negotiation and agreement process.
  • Make estimates for possible projects or services, and provide clients with predicted prices and timelines before signing contracts or agreements.
  • Create and send invoices to clients for goods and services rendered, including charges, due dates, and payment instructions, to ensure timely and correct billing.
  • Record and track customer payments, update invoice statuses, and keep financial records for correct accounting.
  • Track and categorize business expenses, such as purchases, travel, and other charges, to improve budget management and expense reporting.
  • Add additional employees, create payroll, and easily integrate time log reports to eliminate manual data entry.
  • Allow your employees to select their preferred payment method, such as bank deposits, cheques, cash disbursements, or online gateways.
  • Manage salaries with ease. Set up monthly, semi-monthly, weekly, or biweekly pay plans. Salary increases and decreases can be easily applied.
  • It presents a comprehensive Recruitment Management system that goes beyond traditional candidate management systems.
  • It simplifies job posting and management, allowing you to reach a larger pool of suitable applicants.
  • The online recruiting management system streamlines the process, ensuring a seamless and structured experience for both candidates and your staff.
  • Maintain a complete database of your vendors’ contact information, purchasing history, preferred payment arrangements, and so on.
  • For returned or faulty items, issue vendor credits directly from the purchase order. This improves record-keeping and contact with vendors.
  • Track your inventory levels and automate product replenishment using purchase order data. This will allow you to get more control over your inventory and reduce stockouts.
  • It conveniently manages everything you own, including computers and tools, furniture, merchandise, and even intangible assets like as software licenses.
  • It eliminates the burden of manual asset lending. With a few clicks, you can lend equipment to staff, creating a collaborative work atmosphere while also providing clear accountability and streamlined record-keeping.
UniTaskerPro dealfuel price
UniTaskerPro dealfuel price
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UniTaskerPro regular pricing

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