Ubique is a video sales tool driven by AI that blends voice and face cloning to make scalable personalized videos from a single clip. It’s simple to get started. Upload a pre-recorded video and use AI voice cloning and lipsyncing technologies to personalize it.

After analyzing your video, the platform will generate a transcript in which you can alter dynamic factors such as someone’s name or firm. Your uploaded film will be converted into a template in just a few minutes, allowing you to begin manufacturing tonnes of personalized videos at scale.

Ubique Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • It allows you to create a single personalised video in only a few clicks, making it ideal for one-time use cases like onboarding new employees or clients.
  • You can make your video’s background a scrolling grab of your prospect’s website
  • You may also select two backdrops and use a slider to change which percentage of the video is taken up by one or the other
  • It’s also simple to submit your video background elements, such as a brief demo video of your product to showcase
  • It allows you to produce a large number of personalized movies by simply uploading a CSV file containing your audience information
  • In your CSV file, manually link each variable to a specified column so you don’t have to worry about column and variable names matching exactly
  • When your films have finished processing, you can receive a CSV file containing video URLs that you can import into any email automation platform
  • It also has strong Zapier integrations, allowing you to automate the video personalization process and integrate it into your existing workflow
  • This is extremely beneficial to inbound sales teams trying to work smarter. Incoming leads, for example, can receive an email with a personalized video immediately after submitting a form
  • You may also automate sales outreach by importing leads from a database and configuring triggers to send emails with a single click
  • It allows you to quickly and easily convert a single template movie into thousands of personalized videos.
ubique appsumo price
ubique appsumo price
ubique regular pricing
ubique regular pricing

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