Typed lets you streamline your workflow that automatically links concepts, arranges files, and even evaluates findings,  With this tool, you can save any kind of information from anywhere with just one click using the web extension or mobile app.

You can use the web clipper to quickly capture data from any website you’re studying on, or just save anything you wish to read or keep for later use. This is especially useful for ongoing cooperation, meeting notes, or lengthy projects like market research or business presentations.

Typed Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You can create workspaces with Document 2.0 that are significantly more adaptable than the conventional A4 document.
  • This makes it simple to manage all of your research and project duties in one location, preventing you from switching between numerous open tabs.
  • And when you’re prepared to share your completed work, you may create a link that gathers the entirety of your diligent effort into a single document.
  • Spend less time organizing your files and more time working as a team with a results-oriented organizational structure.
  • While you work, this tool automatically arranges the research conducted by your team into documents, ensuring that everything is in order
  • Make sure you keep track of everything when you’re gathering so many ideas and completing so much research
  • You don’t have to remember anything because the knowledge network will do it automatically for you and your team. (It’s like a second brain!
  • It also clarifies the context for all of your team’s efforts and offers suggestions for your next move
  • Utilize an extension or mobile application to save your research, material, and anything else you wish to read or use later
  • Alternatives to Google Docs and Evernote
  • Utilize the Knowledge Network to synthesize the findings of your team’s study and to obtain information.
  • Best for: Businesspeople, content producers, and students searching for a simpler approach to arranging group projects and idea
  • Infinite number of viewers
  • Sharing rights
  • Knowledge network

Typed Appsumo Price

Typed Price

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