TIQ Software lets you create an interactive training program to teach your workers about the goods and services they must market. To effectively teach your sales team, you can develop, update, and publish interactive courses using the user-friendly construction platform.

Personalize the course title or description, including your company’s logo, and make any content changes to ensure the course flows as you desire. Enter the central learning portal to view the course and any associated files, videos, or slide decks. Since there are no per-seat license fees, you may even share your course with an unlimited number of participants!

TIQ Software Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Numerous no-code course templates are available, and you can customize the colors, pictures, and media assets to make each course special.
  • There are templates for every conceivable use case, including sales training, diversity and inclusion workshops, and onboarding.
  • Additionally, a complete media library is available for you to draw from if you wish to create a course from scratch.
  • To make your courses more interesting for consumers, it enables you to customize interactive assignments for certain lesson content
  • Select from more than 20 different problem kinds, including missing word exercises that will help you understand important ideas and multiple choice photos that will visually emphasize products
  • In order to give students more information about your company, goods, and services, you may also post films as part of your course
  • By completing tasks, your team will be able to earn badges, which keeps them motivated and on task
  • It  allows you to monitor statistics from the analytics dashboard and use the information to maintain improving your path for your team
  • Access data about course performance that is simple to understand, such as session time, average scores, and completion percentages
  • To find out what information connects with users and which questions require revision, you can even dig deep into specific questions
  • Furthermore, it is simple to create downloadable CSV reports with comprehensive insights on each user’s interaction.
  • Create sales training with interactive tasks and no-code course templates.
  • Alternatives to iSpring Suite and ExpertVoice
  • Without paying per-seat license fees, create a white-label experience and distribute your courses to an unlimited number of users.
  • Best for: Marketers, sales managers, and product teams who want to build sales training for their personnel without using any coding.
  • Documents – connect to Word, Excel, and PDF file
  • Audio – embed links to podcasts, audiobooks, etc
  • Link to videos on YouTube, Vimeo, or AWS secure video clip
  • Connect Slack and Microsoft Teams for communication
  • Include links to your most significant social media accounts
  • Surveys: Include Google Sheets and SurveyMonkey
  • Responsive to mobile
  • Edit written material, visuals, and design resources
  • Add pictures, movies, music, and sound effects
  • 40+ chores that are game-powered award points and badge
  • Interactive training
  • Analytic
  • Countless template
  • Publish to a limitless audience

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