TextUnited is a multilingual translation management system that provides scalable translation and automatic localization solutions. You get a collaborative translation environment with technology, skilled translators, and topic experts working together.

With translation technology and the ability to buy professional translation services, you can automate your localization for content, apps, and media. You and your team can manage all aspects of your multilingual projects from a single platform with the help of a centralized translation system.

TextUnited Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • It supports over 170 languages and over 30 file types, allowing you to give high-quality multilingual support on your website with ease.
  • In only a few clicks, you can translate and localize your WordPress website using the WordPress plugin.
  • Connect your account to the plugin, set up the translation options, then choose the pages you wish to translate to get started.
  • Then, before deploying the translated pages to your website, either translate the material yourself or outsource it
  • You can use the overlay editor, translation memory, and terminology technology with the WordPress plugin to improve the linguistic coherence of translated material.
  • For light editing and site previews, use the overlay editor directly on your website. You’ll be able to visit the source site and synchronize material as well.
  • You can use the complete editor to translate segments such as meta tags and descriptions, as well as track the status of your translation projects.
  • You can enter your translation using the complete editor, which includes ideas from previous translations and a glossary.
  • With the Zendesk integration, it not only allows you to add quick translation to your website but also allows you to provide multilingual customer assistance
  • You may use machine translation or a combination of machine and human review to rapidly and accurately translate customer support queries in over 170 languages with this integration.
  • Before you translate, use one-click language recognition to automatically detect the language of each ticket.
  • All of your translations will be saved on the platform for future usage, allowing you to translate faster while saving money on service providers.
  • To expand your worldwide reach, put strong translation technology and expert translators at your disposal.
  • Smartling, Phrase, and Unbabel are all alternatives.
  • With connections, plugins, and integrations, you can translate and localize anything from 30+ file types into 170+ languages.
  • Small businesses that want to provide a multilingual customer experience to international and foreign-language consumers are the best fit.
  • Websites are limitless.
  • Memory for translations
  • CAT software is available online.
  • Manager of Terminology
  • Projects and languages are limitless.
  • Recognized through repetition
  • Filtering of content for over 30 different file formats
  • Automated translation
  • Data can be exported and imported.
  • Overlay editor for website translation
  • Translation plugins for WordPress and Zendesk
  • CX that is multilingual
  • Localization of eCommerce
  • Localization of software
  • Localization of e-learning

Textunited appsumo price

Textunited price

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