Teambook is the project management solution you’ve been looking for. With the visual team board(s), you may get a big picture of your consultants’ workload and know who’s available or not in a flash. Map out your team’s skills and make the most of your staff. Bye-bye to guesswork and overworked consultants, and make the most of your employees’ abilities.

With the Drag-n-Drop Tool, you can efficiently schedule and optimize your team’s planning, increase profitability, and keep everyone in the loop. A single or numerous resources can be assigned to a project with only one click. Book one or more units at once while keeping track of your project budget and utilizing tags and filtering to locate the best resource for the job.

Teambook Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Set the bookings as tentative and confirm them later if you’re not sure when the job will be done. And don’t worry about making adjustments; drag-and-drop and bulk-edit tools make it simple.
  • The planner board in this tool provides an easy-to-read overview of your company’s activities: You know who is working on what and when, as well as who is available and who is unavailable.
  • To easily access past, present, and future bookings, set the time range to 2 weeks to 3 months. Use tags to keep track of your team’s abilities, and use innovative visual clues to get the information at a look.
  • It uses a visual planner and a combination of tools that allow managers rapid access into their teams’ availability, talents, and utilization to help enterprises of all sizes increase their team’s efficiency and production.
  • Using an innovative tag system, you can “customize” your employees and collaborators in no time. Use it to assign talents to your consultants and ensure that they are assigned to projects that are a good fit for them.
  • It interacts with your favorite tools and includes extensive communication features to keep everyone in the loop, from your team to your clients.
  • Filter the Results Using Powerful Filters – Are you looking for specific expertise or role? No worry, a comprehensive filter system will help you identify the right specialist for the job. Filter the team board by projects, clients, users, tags, or advanced criteria, then combine them to get even more precise results.
  • Every team member has their own customized webpage with only the information they require.
  • Once a week, your team members receive a daily summary of the changes that occurred during the day, as well as their weekly agenda.
  • Users of this tool can sync their plans with their preferred calendar and check them on the fly.
  • Share a specific link to their project planning with your clients to keep them up to date.
  • All you need is a browser and an internet connection. There’s no software to install, and you’ll be up and running in seconds.
  • With a complete range of analytics, you can keep track of your important performance indicators.
  • Whether its Availability, Utilization, or Productivity, it allows you to see and customize them using filters. The same is true for Billable, Non-billable, and Time-off over the month; you’ll never be without the data you require.
  • See who’s doing what in real-time, track your team’s progress, and keep an eye on your company’s pulse
  • Keep track of how your resources are being used
  • Gain a global view of your team’s capabilities to increase profitability and make better decisions
  • There are no limits to the number of users, team members, or clients.

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