Tarantula is a renowned SEO auditing tool that comprehensively evaluates your websites, identifies SEO problems, and provides insights into your competitors’ techniques, revealing the secrets to their success. It is the only SEO tool of its type that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to finish website crawling and data extraction in minutes, providing you with in-depth insights and all the information you need to improve your website’s rating.

Tarantula is ideal for doing detailed SEO audits. Conduct high-performance technical audits, discover site issues, and obtain thorough page-by-page information.

Tarantula Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Ensure a thorough crawl of all resources, including media assets, to allow for in-depth analysis.
  • The AI analysis provides insight into genuine keyword intent.
  • Discover any page’s intended keywords, acquire insights into related and parallel phrases, and obtain detailed keyword data for any website or page online.
  • Use ChatGPT AI to rewrite pages efficiently during SEO analysis. Improve your own pages for better performance, or repurpose current content effectively
  • Use AI to rewrite and optimize content, increasing efficiency and efficacy in your SEO efforts.
  • The links to Google’s APIs, obtaining critical page performance and ranking signals directly from Google
  • Access precise page-level user and performance statistics to efficiently identify and resolve issues
  • Gain detailed insights regarding ranking performance that go beyond the typical crawl
  • The one-click feature makes it easier to generate sitemaps and create robots.txt.
  • Generate a full sitemap with hierarchical data that is compatible with Google and other search engines
  • Customize your robots.txt policy and add all pages to improve search engine exposure
  • It provides advanced control over all aspects of your audits. You may easily customize your experience by selecting user agents, controlling crawl depth, and query-string crawl.
  • Customize picture and asset crawl options to improve efficiency, as well as scan folders and directories more efficiently
  • Lightning-fast performance, because to its multi-threaded architecture, makes handling massive crawls simple and straightforward
  • Full Control: Take entire control of your SEO audits and research, ensuring that they readily suit your preferences
  • Enjoy¬† sleek and user-friendly interface, which makes navigation simple
  • Experience strong software that doesn’t leave any features out while offering all the crawl information you need and more
  • Access extensive statistics by connecting perfectly with APIs such as Google PageSight and Analytics
  • Use AI to find search intent, keywords, and other information, significantly improving your SEO efforts.
tarantula dealmirror price
tarantula dealmirror price
tarantula regulaar pricing
tarantula regulaar pricing

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